Probate and Estate Planning

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Estate planning is a critical and confusing process by which a person or family makes arrangements for the distribution of assets or an estate during their life.
A carefully designed estate plan is required to secure maximum wealth for deserving beneficiaries without affecting the rights of the concerned person prior to death.

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Estate Plan Creation.

An estate plan is imperative for every individual, regardless of your gender, age, or the nature, size, or complexity of your property. It will allow you to appoint your loves ones to acquire your assets after your death. Moreover, it will help you ensure that your assets will be given to the people you have identified, as effortlessly and quickly as possible.

Understanding and capitalizing on the estate plan alternatives that are beneficial for you can be an overwhelming task. Avail the offered services of the Law Offices of Nicole M. Bluefort to identify your estate planning challenges and learn about potential solutions.

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Purchasing insurance

Making gifts

Creating a will

Health care orders

Forming a living trust

Long-lasting power of attorney for funds

Any other documents

Involved Devices

Your “estate” involves all assets and property that are in your ownership legally at the time of your death. Such assets may include bonds, bank accounts, life insurance policies, personal and real estate property, securities, stocks, artwork, jewelry items, and automobiles. Estate planning entails the trusts, wills, powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, estate ownership, and powers of appointments. The intricate nature of these elements may perplex you.

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Other Estate Planning Issues

An all-inclusive estate plan can cover a range of legal issues that are often ignored in support of other immediate concerns. These issues usually arise when a person dies.

Contact us if you want to handle and resolve any of the following estate planning issues:

What is the condition of your current financial affairs?

What is the condition of your personal and real property?

How will your assets be divided after your death?

Should you appoint a guardian to look after minor children?