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Family law matters require special care and understanding. These sensitive issues can impact the entire life of your family’s present and future.  Therefore, the sooner you seek legal help, the better it is going to be for your own and your loved ones’ future.

Estate planning is a critical and confusing process by which a person or family makes arrangements for the distribution of assets or an estate during their life. A carefully designed estate plan is required to secure maximum wealth for deserving beneficiaries without affecting the rights of the concerned person prior to death. Estate planning issues demand proper understanding of federal and state laws.

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Criminal law, being a broad practice area, demands immense expertise. Going through legal procedures can be a confusing task if you are not well-informed of the controlling regulations and laws. Since criminal law issues can affect your entire reputation, let a group of trained attorneys handle your sensitive matters.

For most people, the purchase of a residential property is one of the most critical decisions of their lives. In addition to being an important financial transaction, this decision involves their emotions and feelings. The increasing number of estate theft cases has urged people to look for professional legal services to avoid potential real estate issues.

Both the defendant and plaintiff are legally allowed to appeal to a higher court against a verdict. Once the trial court makes a decision in the lawsuit, you are given 30 days to make an appeal, if needed. In many states, there is a two-level system to review a judgment. Additionally, the federal court also incorporates two levels of appellate review.

Let the Law Offices of Nicole M. Bluefort handle your appeals and secure your interests in the best possible manner. We are ready to defend you in construction and real estate disputes and various other legal issues.